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Recently, a friend of mine decided to not pay a professional copy editor to give his business book a thorough, official, real-live edit. Instead, he’s allowing the book to go to print after the review of “a friend.”

I’m seeing this type of decision more and more. This is not a good way to present yourself and your writing to the world. Letting a friend read your writing can be a useful tool, but it’s one method of many, and perhaps one of the least helpful you have.

Editors everywhere wage this battle: sometimes writers don’t know what they don’t know. Some new writers and (other professionals) don’t realize that editing simply starts with grammar, spelling, and typos. A professional editor offers much, much more.

This series of blog posts will aim to bring light to the many, many ways a professional editor looks at writing differently.

Watch next week for a discussion on disambiguation. Don’t know what that is? Keep calm and hire an editor. Oh, and keep reading.