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I’m actually a pretty good writer, so why should I pay someone?

Your words shape your brand. Customers will click off your website more quickly and think less of your work–regardless of what you do–if your writing is sloppy, incorrect, rambly, or weak.

You can’t unknow what you know. An editor can be the bridge to your readers, filling in gaps, clarifying, highlighting, and keeping you succinct.

Your words communicate your professionalism, confidence, competence, and your attention to detail. Consider working with a professional writer or editor to be an investment in your brand or your book. Because that’s exactly what it is.

What is copy editing, anyway?

Copy editors are trained to look beyond standard grammar, spelling, and typos. We look for consistency, clarity, concision, cohesiveness, and formatting. We also make sure you follow a style guide, help you develop the right rhythm, hone your voice, and present the most professional craft possible.

I help you find the heart of your message.

Why can’t I just let my English major friend or my mom read it over?

You absolutely can. Some of my best friends are English majors, and I love your mom. Really. But dare I say, in the most polite way possible, that doing so likely means you get what you pay for? If you’re serious about polished, professional, clear writing, consider a professional editor.

How much does it cost?

It depends on the complexity of your work and the level of editing or writing you need. I specialize in advocacy writing, copy editing, content development, and proofreading. My rates are in line with standard rates at the Editorial Freelancers Association (www.the-efa.org/rates.)

I just need you to proofread something and make sure I didn’t make any mistakes or typos. Can you do that?

We’re happy to do that. Call it anxiety relief, if you like. Or proofreading.

Why seven and what are Madronas?

The West Seattle house I grew up in had seven huge, leaf-erupting, bark-shedding Madrona trees. The trees kept the house cool in the summer and gave me tons of leaves to rake into jumpable piles. They exist now only in my and my family’s memories. Consider Seven Madronas a nod to my 70s childhood, a shout-out to my First Nation ancestors and their connections to the natural world, and an acknowledgement of how the Northwest landscape shapes us Seattle natives.

Why you?

I’m obsessed with details, and I write and edit constantly in my head. You gain from my training and experience in word nerdery: when to use comprise vs. compose, when to step back and stet a turn of phrase and when to snip it, when to climb into your head and when to climb into your reader’s instead. It’s more about the art of the craft than about rules. (But don’t break the big rules. Please.)

The “activist” part of me means I’m an evangelist for the ideas and people I believe in. I share the urge to do something about an injustice. I also understand the desire entrepreneurs and writers have to fill that empty white space—I do it, too. I absolutely adore small businesses, artists, coaches, solopreneurs, chefs, dreamers, writers, and especially people who help animals (my biggest passion.)

The “helper” part of me means that I don’t have much of an ego—I’m motivated by a sincere desire to make your communications shine, to make sure you connect to customers and readers, to shape your brand, to put money in your pocket…and of course, to be part of how you help others.


7 Madronas
It is always a delight working with Seven Madronas Communications. JoAnne continues to bring to the table that rare combination of understanding the intent of the writer and magically fiddling, ever so delicately, with structure and flow in a way that intensifies the message.  She recently helped us at Seattle Jobs Initiative with our 2015 Report to the Community.  Not an easy task as it was long and filled with profiles.  After JoAnne’s wizardry was complete, the document read just as I had hoped – a moving story of an agency that does miraculous work on multiple levels.